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The Unlimited Jesus

Date: 28 March 2023

Preacher: Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Editor: Mrs Nthabiseng Motubatse

Principal Scripture Reading: Matthew 22:41 – 46, Matthew 16:13-20

Jesus Christ has captivated the hearts and minds of people for thousands of years. His teachings and miracles have inspired countless individuals to follow in His footsteps, and His death and resurrection has given hope to those seeking redemption and salvation.

In this message we examine the loaded question: “What do you think about the Christ?”. We then explore Jesus’ nature and the demonstrations thereof. Another aspect that will be covered in this message is Jesus’ questions and fulfillment of prophecy. Jesus' unique nature and transformative teachings add a stimulating desire to receive and understand the power of receiving Jesus Christ.

The Loaded Question: "What do you think about the Christ?"

Jesus turns the tables on the Pharisees and asks them a question: "What do you think about the Christ? Whose son, is He?" (Matthew 22:42). This question is loaded with meaning, as it challenges the Pharisees' understanding of who the Messiah is and where He comes from. It also challenges us today to ask ourselves the same question: "What do we think about Christ?", “Who do you say is Jesus Christ?”.

The answer to this question is complex and multifaceted, as there are many different interpretations of who Jesus is and what He represents. To some, He is simply a great teacher or a moral example to follow. To others, He is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. But what if Jesus is more than these things? What if He is limitless and boundless, transcending our limited understanding of who He is?

Jesus' Nature: Fully God and Fully Man

The Bible tells us that Jesus is fully God and fully man (John 1:1, 14). This means that He possesses all the attributes of God, including omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, while also experiencing the limitations and vulnerabilities of humanity. It is this paradoxical nature of Jesus that makes Him so fascinating and mysterious.

Jesus' unlimited nature is demonstrated throughout the New Testament in His miracles and teachings. He heals the sick, raises the dead, and calms the stormy sea with just a word. He teaches with authority and wisdom that surpasses the understanding of even the most learned scholars of His time. He forgives sins and offers salvation to all who come to Him in faith.

But perhaps the most significant demonstration of Jesus' unlimited nature is His death and resurrection. He willingly goes to the cross to bear the sins of humanity and conquer death once and for all. He rises from the dead three days later, proving His divinity and offering eternal life to all who believe in Him.

Demonstrations of Jesus' Unlimited Nature

Jesus' unlimited nature also has practical implications for our lives today. It means that He is always with us, no matter where we are or what we are going through. He can meet our every need and provide for us in ways that we cannot even imagine. He is not limited by our circumstances or our limitations but is always working for our good and His glory.

Furthermore, Jesus' unlimited nature calls us to a deeper faith and a greater trust in Him. It challenges us to let go of our own understanding and to embrace the mystery and wonder of who He is. It invites us to explore the depths of His character and to experience the fullness of His love and grace.

Jesus' Questions and Fulfillment of Prophecy

Jesus set aside sermons and began to ask questions. His objective was to reveal who He truly was and whether He was the anointed one, the Messiah, that the Jews had been waiting for. The Jews believed that the Messiah would be a fellow human being, endowed with extraordinary powers beyond those of ordinary men. They believed that the Messiah would be a great ruler and must have parallel might to bring salvation to the entire nation of Jews.

However, the idea of the Messiah becoming a savior and saving individuals who felt him inside of them was not a part of their belief system. They believed that the Messiah must come and save the entire nation of Jews. He must become the very descendant of David. They were not convinced that Jesus Christ was the man that the scriptures spoke about, yet when Peter analyzed carefully in Matthew 16:16 it states: “Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus fit that prophetic picture of being the Son of God.

Jesus' Unique Nature and Transformative Teachings

Jesus was able to distinguish between the Son of David and brought another element to the story. He asked questions that made people question their belief system and opened their minds to the possibility that he was the Son of God. His questions became fulfillment, and people began to realize that they were in the presence of something much greater than a human being.

Jesus was not just a man; he was God incarnate. The Jews were dumbfounded because when they followed the history of Jesus, they realized that the doctors were dumbfounded, people of wisdom who were delivering a woman realized that this woman was a virgin. They could not understand how she could be pregnant and be ready to deliver when the membrane was intact. Scholars who studied this matter were left with no answers. Even medical science tells us that this has never happened in the history of humanity. Jesus was unique, and his teachings were powerful. They were able to touch the hearts of people and transform their lives.

The Power of Receiving Jesus Christ

Child of God, God is bringing this matter to you, so that when you are coming to say, “Yes, I take Him as my Lord”, there should be no dispute, no comparison. When there are issues in this life, when problems arise in, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by those problems. But I tell you, when you have received Jesus Christ, who did not come through the will of men, God Almighty will make you extra ordinary.

When you take him, and you put him in your life, He comes and smears you with the blood, that is not contaminated. He comes and scars you with the blood that doesn't come from the will of men. But it is the blood that comes from on high. The blood that was shed on Calvary, the blood that does not come from man. When you walk with Jesus there is nothing to fear. The righteous are as bold as a lion. They are separated, they are distinguished.

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