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The truth is God's absolute standard

Date: 11 July 2022

Scripture Reading: John 8:31

Secondary scripture Readings: Proverbs 11:11, Romans 1:18

Preacher: Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Conquering nation, we live in the times of the suppression of truth. God’s absolute standard which is the truth is under siege. Lies have been purported as truth and the truth purported as personal opinion…

When God created life, He created life to exist within the atmosphere of truth as He is the way the truth and the life (John 16.4) sealing therefore, the governance of the earth with the stamp of truth which is God's absolute standard. Beloved, unlike facts which are subject to change, the truth is permanent, indivisible, unequivocal, and unapologetic! As a result, because of His unwavering standard, Christ Jesus who is truth was crucified. Beautiful conqueror, God is found exclusively in the terrain of truth and where the Spirt of the Lord is there is liberty (2nd Corinthians 3:17) Liberty is freedom beloved, God has declared that if you know the truth, He will set you free! Beloved, make up your mind and your heart today to hold onto the garment of truth continuously, despite whatever may come your way, for the protection and prosperity of your existence hinges on this posture. Go forth today and stand in the confidence and boldness of the truth for you have been sanctified by the blood of the lamb therefore stamping and sealing you with the highest standard of approval through Christ Jesus.


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