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The sacrifice of Isaac and Sarah’s sentiment

Date: 05 September 2022

Preacher: Apostle Jannie Ngwale

Principle scripture Reading : 2 chronicles 20:7, Genesis 21:6-11

Genesis 22:19, Genesis 24:64

Beloved, Abraham was a true friend of God. He was so deeply interconnected with God that there was literally nothing he would not do for God.

Having waited twenty five years for his miracle son Isaac, Abraham didn’t hesitate when God commanded him to sacrifice his only beloved son.

Abraham valued and prioritised his relationship with God above everything! He moved swiftly and discretely to do as the Lord commented telling no one, not even his wife Sarah about that which his Lord and commanded.

Conquering nation, Abraham was so loyal to God, his relationship the God was unlike any other.

In his wisdom he probably knew that if he was to share with his wife what God was commanding, Sarah’s sentiment to sacrifice her son of a quarter century of waiting would not have been well received at all, and that is putting it mildly…

Beautiful Conqueror, Abraham's sacrifice was based on his deep intimacy with God. Their relationship was bigger and stronger than anything and thus was so remarkable because literally nothing could separate Abraham from the love of God and that is deeply profound.

As you move into this new season of spring, may your sentiment about that which God commands of you spring up with the attributes that Abraham exhibited.

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