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The Power that lies in your Mouth

Updated: May 4, 2021

Scripture Reading: James 3:4

A small rudder is able to turn a ship wherever the pilot chooses to go. In other words, what changes the direction of a ship is a tool that has been installed inside the ship. The ship will continue to steer in a particular direction, not because of the winds or the waves, but because the pilot of the ship has an instrument at his disposal.

The Holy scriptures equate this small instrument to the tongue. Therefore, the direction you want to take in life does not depend on your environment, or your circumstance. The future resides in your mouth. The words that proceed from your mouth pertain to your life.

Words do not fall on the ground or vanish into thin air. They carry a mandate. Never underestimate the power that your words carry. Jesus Christ elaborated on the fact that we shall have whatsoever we say (Mark 11: 23). The word 'whosoever' is all-inclusive. Whether you are male or female, young or old, it does not discriminate.

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