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Stand firm on the promises of God

Date: 22 August 2022

Preacher: Mrs. Nobesotho Ramawela

Principle scripture Reading : Ephesians 6:11, Daniel 3

Beloved, God has commanded us to stand firm in Him and in His word. A command conquering nation is therefore not up for negotiation.

Strength and steadfastness ought to be our default setting as believers because of the unwavering confidence we ought to have in our God.

In Daniel 3, the Bible recounts the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego the three Hebrew boys who showed belief in God by refusing to bow to another God.

They had full confidence in God that no matter the issue they were faced with , they trusted God regardless, even confessing that whether God saves them or not, He will remain their God.

Beautiful Conqueror, blessed were the three Hebrews boys, for they had unprecedented revelation and conviction.

Despite their terrible situation, God remained God for them. They stood firm on His promises and as you know, God saved them from their ordeal.

Beloved let us cultivate always, the posture of these remarkable boys and know without a shadow of doubt, that God is able!

Let us forever be strong and courageous, prayerful and filled with worship and praise for the Lord our God.

Let us forever stand firm on the promises of God, despite what the circumstance says because surely, the Lord our God will always save us.

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