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Ps Xolani Mntambo - Celebrating Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God

We celebrate a very significant period in the Christian calendar. This time of the year, all over world; Christians come together in celebration of a special memorial called Good Friday. For many, this day is marked as just another holiday, for us as Christians, it carries a very deeper meaning that links to the core of our believes.

This ceremony was practiced as far back as the inception of the Old Testament (Leviticus 16). It was a ceremony where bulls and goats were slaughtered annually for the atonement of sins. However, the blood of bulls and goats was ineffective because sin still lived in people's hearts. This method required people to slaughter a bull annually as that was the maximum period the offering could cover their sins. This ceremony was to be eternally replaced by the Blood of Jesus.

The first people that learned about the birth of Jesus, and where to find him, were the Shepherds. In addition, when John the Baptist saw Jesus coming from afar, he said, behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. As Christians, we tend to forget the measure and intensity of what Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross of Calvary. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was and still is sufficient for all sins. Jesus Christ himself, declared that it is finished, the work of the cross is finished.

the Book of Hebrews 10: 4(NLT) & Revelation 22: 3 states that there will no longer be a curse on anything. Furthermore, if any man or woman be in Christ, they are a new creature, the old has passed away and they are made new. As believers we have a reason to worship and praise Jesus because he was the ultimate sacrifice to cover all our inequities

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