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Ps Siphiwe Ngwale - Changing your Status through your Mind

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 1: 6 – 10; 2 Samuel 4: 4; 2 Samuel 5: 8; 2 Samuel 9: 1 – 8; Joshua 13: 26; 1 Peter 2: 9; Genesis 12: 2

Date: 27 June 2021

Mephibosheth was not an ordinary citizen. Royalty ran through his genealogy. He was the son of Jonathan, which made him a direct Grandson of King Saul. However, there were a series of events that transpired that would change his condition.

Mephibosheth was only five years old when the news about his father and grandfather came. His nurse took him up and fled and as she hurried to flee, he fell and became lame in his legs. As a result, his mind was captured by a physical injury. Child of God, the Lord has seen all the pain and trouble you have gone through, all of which has been beyond your control. But the Lord has come to set you free. Healing and restoration has come upon you. In the days of King David, lame people were not allowed to be in the presence of a king. But King David broke the protocol for Mephibosheth. God has sent someone to come and break the protocol for you to receive your deliverance. God is changing policies, rules and regulations, just to bring a miracle to your situation. If you don’t know what you are capable of, let your bible be your reference point. Engrave the words inside your mind. Tell yourself that you are meant to be crowned. You are the rightful heir to the throne because that is who God has created you to be.

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