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Mama Faith Ngwale - We are bouncing back

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 4

Date: 15 August 2021

Conquering nation the Apostle Paul writes profoundly in this passage of scripture about the trials and tribulations he has experienced. The persecution, and ridicule, citing that even though he is pressed on all sides, he is not crushed!

This particular point in our history is indicative of the times to which the Apostle was referring, times of serious pressure and tribulations.

In the midst of a pandemic, it goes without saying that most of us find ourselves pressed on all sides be it with pay cuts, threats of retrenchment, mounting debts, and everything else life is bringing as a result of the pandemic amongst a host of other pre-pandemic challenges.

What is so empowering about this passage of scripture is that even in the midst of adversity, we are encouraged that it is not over! Being pressed down is not a death sentence, we have the ability to bounce back through Christ Jesus in whom nothing is impossible!

In hope against hope, we can trust in the Lord our God for our rescue and refuge. When we are weak, our father assures us of his strength. When we are lost and confused our father assures us of his power and his ability to direct our steps.

Beloved God is able! He is all-knowing and He knows how to deliver us from every pressure we face! When we run to him, his power will save us. As we take courage in his word and take comfort in his power, we shall surely bounce back in Jesus' Mighty name!

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