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Lord change my status

Date: 29 August 2022

Preacher: Pastor Siphiwe Ngwale

Principle scripture Reading : Proverbs 31 :13

Beautiful Conqueror, it takes becoming a doer of the word that earns us the privilege of the Lord changing our status and us truly becoming Proverbs 31 women.

Transcending from being just a ‘hearer ‘ to a ‘doer’ requires commitment, hard work, focus and discipline for with out these fundamental principles it will be impossible to evolve into an authentic proverbs 31 who beholds status elevation in all areas of life.

A proverbs 31 woman, is a woman who sacrifices her time, skills and resources for the advancement of the kingdom of God, withholding nothing.

She sows aggressively into her church spearing no penny, with a joyful and earnest heart for God’s glory comes first to her, because Jesus is her priority, not shoes, bags and soft life…

She helps the poor and the needy because she understands that this is her heavenly father’s will and she dose so passionately and compassionately!

She is resourceful and industrious depending exclusively on God as her source of total supply and thus it is easy for her to give so generously and freely for she understands that everything she has been given, comes from the Lord her God.

Be wise therefore beautiful conquer, endeavor from this day onward to cultivate the true posture of a Proverbs 31 woman for if you do, surely, the Lord will change your status and elevate you for elevating His kingdom.

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