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I have an answer for my enemies

Date: 15 August 2022

Preacher: Rev. Mama Faith Ngwale

Principle scripture Reading : 1st Samuel 2:1-14

Conquering nation, life is not always going to be filled with sunny days. From time to time. there will be rain clouds and storms and we therefore, must learn to adjust to those changes as they present themselves.

Hannah had to learn to do the same, year in and year out, she was provoked by the situation she faced as she was earnestly looking for a child of her own with no sign of success yet. Hannah without failure, kept seeking out the Lord despite not receiving her answer yet.

Beautiful Conqueror, when things are not favourable, when all sorts of rigmaroles role around, that's when you must key in the most and fight for your breakthrough.

Hannah was deeply provoked in her spirit and she kept praying without ceasing. Hannah did not want to allow her enemies to continue holding the power to gloat over her, that she even saw it fit that she bargained with God.

Beloved, what are you willing to sacrifice to God to get your brake through? What will you offer to the Lord to see it come to pass? What will your answer to your enemies be?

May the spirit that Hannah had of tenacity, unyielding faith and fervent prayer be your portion as the Lord answers you and you present your answer to your enemies.

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