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How do you intend to respond?

Date: 01 August 2022

Principal scripture reading: Genesis 22:11

Preacher: Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Beloved, there comes a time in life’s ever changing seasons where God will put our characters to the test.

Father Abraham, upon waiting twenty five years for the manifestation of his promised son Isaac was ordered by the Lord to present him as a sacrifice.

Beautiful Conqueror, can you imagine waiting so long for your breakthrough and upon it’s manifestation God says give it away, sacrifice it? What would your response be?

Father Abraham, soaked in deep revelation and prophecy was so well acquainted, so intimate with the ways of the Lord. Lacking no hesitation and with  immediacy, Abraham set forth to execute the ordinance of the Lord.

Abraham's extraordinary insight into who his Lord God is, assurred him that God is not man that he should lie and that  which He says He will do, indeed He would do!

Abraham knew with his whole being that the Lord His God would provide His own sacrifice. Abraham trusted God with His everything conquering nation! He knew God would never ever fail him for so doing.

Beloved in this new month, may the revelation power that came upon Abraham about who God really is, be your portion so that when God makes His ordinances known to you, you already know what your response will be. 

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