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Things will come into Shape (Part 4)

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Scripture Reading: Joel 2:25

Date: 27 February 2022

Preacher: Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Beloved, the book of Joel 2:25, gives us the blessed assurance that our God is capable of doing the impossible! We all know that the one thing we can never ever make any more of is time, and yet our God says boldly, that He will restore back to us the years that were either stolen, lost or defrauded from us and our bloodline.

God being God, He does not just stop there, His word tells us that when He restores, He will do so wholesomely and completely. God’s sheer power enables Him to do this for each and every one of us who has been called by His name and washed in His blood, and are now His beloved!

Therefore conquering nation, it truly matters not the degradation your life has encountered, God's restorative capacity is unmatched because He not only restores back to the original status, He simultaneously surpasses that status with even more value-added

Jesus gave His life for us on the cross to make all this possible for us in 2022 and beyond. Things are truly taking shape beloved, keep your eyes on the Lord, for your complete and wholesome restorative package is about to locate you!

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