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Becoming a friend of God

Date: 17 October 2022

Preacher: Apostle Jannie Ngwale

Principal Scripture Reading:1 John 5:4

Secondary Scripture Readings: 2 chronicles 20:7, James 2:23, Genesis 14:14; 20:7;24:1-35

Beloved, it is very much possible like father Abraham to become a friend of God . Abraham became God's friend because of the intimacy he cultivated with God, to which God could withhold no secret from him.

Cultivating any solid friendship conquering nation, entails building trust,respect, admiration and loyalty for one another. Abraham exhibited all these phenomenal traits towards God without wavering and in turn he won God's heart.

For so doing,God showed Abraham so much favour ,mercy, protection, wisdom, and revelation that the Bible says he lacked no good thing .

Beautiful conqueror, this level of intimacy is available to you today, all it requires is your total and complete availability and obedience to God, it requires your "Hineni" for this is the genesis of becoming a friend of God

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