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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Where is your command, control center?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:6

Date: 09 January 2022

Conquering nation, as we embark on the journey of 2022, God in all his magnificence and splendour must be at the forefront.

The Lord our God has therefore given unto us immutable commands that are not subject to our opinions or emotions.

Beloved we have been commanded by the Lord our God to Fast, pray and to give. Therefore, we find our command control centre in the word of God.

Mathew 6:6 illustrates precisely the manner in which we ought to pray. God has lovely equipped us with the exact methodology and strategy to go about effective prayer.

Conquering nation, to be successful and victorious in this ruthless world, we must obey and abide in the prescripts and pre-sets of God as our lifestyle style.

Beloved, as 2022 unfolds make certain that God remains at the helm of your personal command control centre

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