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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Shifting to new levels

Scripture Reading: Mark 8:22-26

Date: 12 September 2021

Conquering nation it goes without saying that old keys can not open new doors... The book of Mark is an extraordinary illustration of how gaining the right perspective changes everything!

The blind man that Jesus encountered in this passage of scripture came from a city that carried harmful perspectives about his condition. The men assisting didn’t even allow him to speak for himself when they met Jesus, they spoke on his behalf, rendering him not only blind but mute too.

Jesus in his infinite wisdom and compassion, in wanting to restore the man’s battered self-worth and confidence, took him by hand and led him out of the city and away from the men previously assisting him.

By so doing, Jesus created a new environment for the man to exist in. An environment of a new order where he can formulate his own perspectives, speak up and answer for himself.

This is revelationary because before leaving the city this man’s identity was dictated by the society in which he lived but upon being lead by Jesus he received a brand new identity and brand new perspective.

It does not matter what they have told you can or can’t do, or what you can or can’t have, or how negatively society has shaped your perspective about yourself and your future. Allow Jesus to take your hand, hold it and lead you out of the darkness into his marvelous light as he shifts you to a whole new level!

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