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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Restoration (Part 2)

Scripture Reading: Mark 8:25

Date: 14 November 2021

CTCM Nation, restoration is available to us all today, are you ready to lean into an all-new, reconfigured and wholesome life?

When Jesus encountered the blind man in the above-quoted passage of scripture, he was fully aware of the man’s limitations but that did not stop Christ from asking the blind man to look up at the sky.

The profound command from Jesus to the blind is exactly that because how can a blind man look up to the sky? Beloved nothing is impossible with our God, if he commands you to do it means surely it can be done, and you are the one chosen to do it!

God is not intimidated by the mess, stress and struggle that currently surround your life. None of those factors is bigger than his power to restore you! Trust in the Lord your God today for your total restoration because he and he alone is able. The time for restoration is now.

Look up to the sky and behold God’s magnificent light, for the restorer has come, and his restoration is our portion!


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