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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Prayer and fasting releases tremendous results

Scripture Reading: Matthew 17:21(KJV)

Date: 23 January 2022

Conquering nation, as we enter our last week of prayer and fasting, let us give it our all!

This final week is so critical because even if you have fallen by the wayside, this final week can change your story. Whatever has been holding you back can and will be broken through your sacrifice of abstinence of food and seeking the Lords face in prayer.

Beloved, this sacred time is a game-changer because certain issues will only be resolved by way of fasting and prayer as the above-quoted scripture depicts.

Fasting and praying is one of the many sophisticated strategies that God has given unto us to succeed in this life and thus God has commanded that we utilize it regularly.

As his chosen people, prayer and fasting ought to be our lifestyle as it postures us for greatness by granting us one on one time with the Lord with no distractions, as well as affording us the opportunity to humble ourselves and discipline our bodies.

The rewards that come from fasting are unparalleled, what was impossible will now become possible by virtue of prayer and fasting. Your breakthrough is around the corner… keep pushing, you shall finish well!

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