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Why hide behind the baggage

Scripture Reading: 1st Samuel 10: 17 – 24

Date: 04 July 2021

As children of God, we face so many challenges as we navigate this life our father has blessed us with. As we journey through life so many things happen to us that can cause us to become so weary and disillusioned. We make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes hold us, hostage, to the point where we lose all hope and we write ourselves off. Sometimes it’s fear of the unknown that comes to engulf us that we believe that whatever the challenge, we can’t overcome and Conquer it. The word of God by design is here to help us overcome and conquer such moments when they arise. Remember it’s not by might nor by power, it's by the Spirit of the Lord that the impossible is made possible. No baggage has to have power over you if you bring it to Jesus. Cast your burdens unto Jesus for he cares for you, this is the Conquering way!

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