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Mama Lilian Matloga - It is our Time to Arise

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 60: 1 - 2; Ephesians 6: 10; Mark 8: 6

Date: 08 August 2021

Arise and Shine. This is a command. You cannot argue with a command. Whatever has put you down, whatever has held you bound, God is calling you to think highly of yourself and to regain your identity. This is your moment and you shall not be bound again. You are rising above your peer groups. God has called you because He alone knows what has been deposited inside of you. This is your time to maximize those inner traits, giftings, and treasures. Child of God, you are born again, you are a new creation. The newness of life has come upon you. You were created to be fruitful, to subdue, and to dominate. You are who you are because of who God is. Don't listen to those people who tell you that the sky is the limit, as children of the Most High God, we have no limitations. You will go beyond the borders. Beloved, be determined, be focused, this is the time God has set, be courageous because He is with you.

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1 Comment

Nomvula Cebisa
Nomvula Cebisa
Aug 09, 2021

Thank you for the wonderful message. As a child of the high mighty God there is no limitation.

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