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Hope Against Hope Scripture Reading: Mark 11 vs 22-23

These recent times have with no question,  brought on so much complexity in how we live our lives on a day to day basis and it's been a great challenge.

The word of God of course is never caught off guard by any current, past or future challenge. It is solution orientated, when we find ourselves in trying seasons like our current pandemic with all its overarching challenges.

God's word teaches us that in order to overcome adversity, our mouths are our most powerful defense. We are to speak life and light with no doubt and the power bestowed upon by God will change our hardships and triumph! We need to trust, speak and obey God's instructions and the mountains before us will be moved by faith in Jesus mighty name!

God has equipped us with the power of our tongues, therefor if we use our tongues wisely surely we shall conquer in all areas of our lives starting right now!

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Thank you AG for such a relevant word!

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