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Go Quickly – Part 2

Date: 26 April 2023

Preacher: Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Editor: Mrs Nthabiseng Motubatse

Principal Scripture Reading: Luke 24:31, Luke 2:39

There are multiple issues that Jesus Christ addressed to His disciples after the resurrection, the culmination of the resurrection Jesus lived with them for about 40 days before He ascended to heaven. Jesus did not leave the earth immediately after he resurrected, he decided to dispense the wisdom of God into the lives of the disciples. Jesus was able to address multiple issues within the community of the disciples and the believers.

This article explores the encounter of two great men with Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. The men, who were part of the congregation of disciples, were disillusioned after the death of Jesus shattered their hopes for the future. As they travelled to a village outside Jerusalem, they encountered Jesus on their journey but did not realize it was Him until He revealed Himself through breaking bread with them. Their realization and determination to journey back to Jerusalem was a testament to the transformative power of encountering Jesus. Later, Jesus appeared to His core disciples, bringing a message of peace and physical evidence of His resurrection. This encounter serves as an encouragement to trust in God's provision and have a personal testimony of what God can do when we put our trust in Him.

Two great men who encountered Jesus

The word of God tells us in Luke 24:13 to 32 about two great men, these men did not form part of the inner circle of disciples who were with Jesus. These men were part of the congregation of other disciples. These men were travelling to a village which was 12 km outside of Jerusalem, the village carried no significance, these two men left the majority of disciples, we learn that these men were disillusioned because they had experienced the death of Jesus and it shattered their hopes for the future. The men later overheard that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and that He had revealed himself to some of the disciples. When these men travelled the distance of the journey they began to examine and really dissect what they saw regarding the nailing of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Encountering Jesus on the journey

They began to re-live the experience of seeing Jesus on the cross, how he was nailed on every side, how he was pierced by one of the Roman soldiers by a spear on every side and how traumatic it was to see Jesus oozing with blood and water as a result of this, As they were travelling a third man joined them, this third man was Jesus Christ but these two disciples had no idea that it was Jesus accompanying them on their journey. Jesus Christ came and took part in the conversation while they were walking and so the disciples took a liking to Him, and thought to extend some hospitality, so they offered him a place to stay for the night, they had no clue that the one they were inviting in the house was the one that was there with them from the very beginning.

Jesus reveals Himself

After a while at the house Jesus asked the men if they could break bread together, and so they agreed, there was a manner in which Jesus distributed the bread that opened their eyes to see that this man who they had been walking with was not an ordinary man this is seen in Luke 24:31 “ And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.”, their hearts began to burn, child of God as you grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus your heart will burn for Him. The Lord will burn your heart and give you the vitality to travel the distance which He has ordained for you. God will expand your horizons; you will be able to see that which other people will not see.

The men's determination to journey back to Jerusalem

After the realization that these men had, about being in the presence of their master Jesus they became disappointed in themselves that it never dawned on them who they had been walking with for such a long period. Their disappointment quickly led to their determination, after encountering Jesus they knew there was a lot to be done, and they determined to journey back to Jerusalem. Child of God this is what happens when you encounter Jesus, Jesus will give you the desire to run the distance that you never could with your own strength. They went back to tell the disciples that they had encountered Jesus face to face. In the same evening, Jesus went to visit the contingency of His core disciples, as Jesus arrived the doors were locked, and Jesus walked through the walls. Understand that there is nothing God cannot do, you may have been knocking on doors that are locked and it seems as if you are being denied access, God will create another way for you to enter! Jesus Christ does not need a key to open any door! As He walked in the disciples were terrified because they were in hiding.

Physical examination of Jesus and the disciples' realization that it is Him

The disciples were in hiding because they were afraid of the Jews who wanted to persecute them, the disciples feared for their lives. Jesus began to speak to them and declared: “Peace be with you!”. There are many of us who are scared and anxious about our future, what we will eat, our careers, our finances, and for all these concerns Jesus Christ is bringing the message of peace. He is saying do not worry. Jesus came closely to them and said do your physical examination of me in Luke 24:39 “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have”. Jesus did that so they could see all the bruises, the scars that he obtained at the cross so that they would know it is Him that has come. The disciples saw all of this, and they realized that indeed this was indeed Jesus that was in their midst. There was undisputed evidence that they were talking to Jesus.

Trust in God's provision and have a personal testimony

You may be looking at your surroundings and asking yourself the question: “Will God really come through for me?” be assured that the Lord will show up for you. If you hold on to His word, the manifestation of that word will come into your life. You are about to have a personal testimony of what God can do when you put all your trust in Him.

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