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Developing a strong mental posture

Let us read from Psalm 119 verse 23, this scripture is revealing the mind and attitude of David. When adversity arises and brings it in our minds what do we do?

Negativity will come very perversely and will come with contempt. Negative thoughts when they come and are left unattended will rule our lives negatively. They come to dominate the outcomes of our life. We need to develop the strategy that whenever negativity comes in your mindset and you are bombarded mentally you need to know what to do.

David was thrown into a treacherous condition in the wilderness where it was infested with dangerous animals. In the book of 1 Samuel 17 verse 25, we read of 3 sons. The question would be why were they never taken into the wilderness and David was taken into the wilderness as young as he was. David in the same scripture reveals that he was confronted with bears and lions but he did not go there with a negative attitude but he took positivity.

This is what we need to learn in our lives, whenever we are exposed to negative environments we must not interrogate the attitude of those that exposed us to those environments. David never allowed self inflicting thoughts to dominate, he did not derive a victim mentality. Instead, he took a positive attitude and David came out strong from the wilderness.

David's father left the four other son's and called for David to leave the wilderness and come and take food to his 3 brothers. He was now exposed to the dangers of war. David would have taken this negatively but he showed a positive attitude when he came into the environment. He took the attitude that he had developed in the wilderness into the situation he was going to. You should develop an attitude of saying what can you learn out of this, even as you go into the future you'll be able to draw wisdom from it. David became resilient.

Negativity comes in many things and in many ways in our lives and when the negative thoughts are left unchecked, they will paralyze our future. David saw this stature that reminded him of the bear that was in the wilderness. He saw this giant as something that he can tackle the same way he was able to tackle the other animals. Look at the environment that you are in and if it has developed a negative attitude, a negative mindset in you. Arise child of God and say, "God is strong and even in this circumstance He will see me through. For greater is He that is in us the He that is in the world!". David didn't allow his family's circumstance to dictate sentiments for his future or that it should steal opportunities for him in the future. When he came into the warfare zone, he drew the experiences of the past. Let us read 1st Samuel 17 verse 25, David overheard from the soldiers that anyone who will win over goliath will be exposed to the riches with his family that the king will give including his own daughter, lastly his family be tax exempted forever. When others were seeing warfare, David saw an opportunity to expose even the things he learned in the secret places. In whatever situation you find yourself in, look at what it is you can learn. Develop a mindset of great gratitude. Celebrate the success of other people instead of being intimidated by their successes. Look at the situation that comes in your life, encourage yourself that there is something that you need to learn from it. You are here for a purpose, don't allow negativity to build upon you. Arise and declare that God Almighty will see you through. Be strong in your mental posture, don't allow negativity to build upon you and deny you your future.

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