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Ps Thabiso Sithole - Be Loosed from your Entanglement

Scripture Reading: Luke 19: 29 – 34

Date: 14 June 2021

Once you are accustomed to a particular system you set up a comfort zone that you adapt yourself to. Regardless of whether the rope had been cut off, the colt’s mind was conditioned to believe that it was tied. It couldn’t see beyond its current situation. It thought that it didn’t have the ability to embark on a new venture. You shall move from any restrictions that have been limiting you. You shall be loosed from any self-defeating habits that have been carved over the years. You are being delivered from any hindrance that is holding you back from realizing your God-given capabilities. Child of God, Jesus Christ sees you differently. God has need of you, He has a particular assignment that only you can fulfill. The account of this colt shows us that this world can be very terrible and it is of vital importance that we incline our ear to what God says about us. Never conclude your situation on what man has said about you. Put your trust in Jehovah our God. You are and will always be the apple of God’s eye. It is evident that the kabod of God is upon your life. You possess the heaviness of his presence. Your breakthrough is in front of you. Partner with God as you venture into the future.

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