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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Things will come into Shape (Part 2)

Scripture Reading: Joel 2:25

Date: 06 February 2022

The book of Joel 2:25, exemplifies God's great love,kindness and sheer generosity towards us beloved. This passage of the scripture brings so much peace, hope, and assurance that despite all hardships and belligerent issues we have faced, the Lord our God has promised to restore every single thing we have lost during this time. O beloved, what a great comfort to know that Jesus paid it all and because He did, a great metamorphosis is on the horizon! Things are going to take shape so beautifully in 2022, and no devil in hell can stop this blessed assurance! Conquering nation, leap therefore and shout with great excitement and anticipation for the re-establishment and transfiguration that is about to hit your loins in 2022 because what is about to be restored back to you will eclipse what you have lost. Things are taking shape beloved, it's only a matter of time... Restoration is on your horizon!

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