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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Things will come into Shape

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:28

Date: 30 January 2022

Beloved 2022 is your year! Don't be afraid to believe and trust in God and His promises just because things have been tough. God knows it's been hard for you, God knows you are doing your best and He has seen all your efforts. God is not man that He should lie, Romans 8:28 declares that all things work together for good unto those who love the Lord. Therefore despite the contradictions glaring at you, when you love God and obey His commandments, at His appointed time things will come into shape for you. Beloved, God is going to restore, rebuild, and re-water your dessert like He did for Joseph, Job, and His only begotten son Jesus Christ. These three case studies encountered tremendous hardships, trials and tribulations but God used all those negative elements for the good of all these characters. Therefore conquering nation, take courage today for the Lord your God is able. Nothing is impossible for the most high God, it matters not how austere, dire and insurmountable your situation seems, things will take shape for you in 2022 in Jesus Mighty name!

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