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21 Days of Fasting and Prayer 

It has become a tradition for us as the nation of conquerors to declare the beginning of the year as a period for fasting and prayer. We do this with the knowledge that this act helps us to draw near to God and therefore enables us to hear him clearer even in the midst of the noise around us. Furthermore, we use this period to proclaim declarations for the new year and ask God to help us start it and finish it well.

We will be sending out prayer items on a daily basis for saints to use as a guideline. You are all encouraged to join us in spirit, wherever you may be, by making declarations using the prayer items.

Date: 12 January 2024

Topic: Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding

Scripture: Daniel 10: 2; Exodus 31:3 ; Daniel 9: 22 ; Daniel 1:17

Our prayer items for the 11th until the evening of the 12th of January 2024 are as follows: 

Prayer item 1

Wisdom - The ability to use and exercise knowledge that comes from His Spirit. The choice of "laudable" ends, and the best means to accomplish them. To discern; judge what is just; proper and useful to make us prosper and successful. Sound judgment to avoid evil and error

Prayer item 3

Knowledge - Acquaintance with facts and data that the Holy Spirit is downloading in our hearts.

Prayer item 2

Understanding - Ability to judge the facts of their truth, falsehood, good and evil.

Prayer item 4

Skill - to strain, stretch, and reach the utmost limit. To help avoid folly or error to the maximum. Knowledge and ability to execute and perform

What Our Leaders Say


Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

There is no way God would let you have a bad year when you dedicated 21 days of your month into prayer and fasting. This act speaks on your behalf

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