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Keeping our faith, whilst adhering to the law

Covid adjusted level 2

Dome access guidelines and procedures necessitates that all approved attendees (250 people) be punctual for both intersession and main service 08:00-10:00. Access may be denied after 9 am.  

Secondly, Saints are advised to bring their own Holy Communion elements, sharing is not advised. Keeping in line with Government-issued mass gathering (Church) regulations. (booking link) 

Booking procedure:
1. Bookings will be open from Monday till Thursday night, weekly. 
NB! First come, first served 🙏🏿
2. You will have to register on the CTCM website (link above) following these steps:
- Register an account, provide your name, email, cell phone, and branch 
- Email with registration confirmation will be sent that will also have login details 
- Login using the email detailed 
- Select “Book Attendance” from the menu 
- Slots remaining will indicate the availability of seats. 
If (zero slots) you will not be allowed to book 
* Choose the date of Sunday service 
* Enter number of attending adults 
* Enter number of attending children 
* Click on “Register”
* An email will be sent to you, keep a copy on your phone or print it out as it will be required to gain entry to the church compound

We Conquer in All Spheres of Life


We Care

Conquerors Through Christ adheres to the COVID regulations as set by the government of South Africa. We, therefore, apply strict measures to ensure that our physical services are safe and minimize the risks of COVID infections.

Only a limited number of space is made available for members to book to attend physical services, once that number has been reached, no additional members will be prohibited from attending the premises. On entering our premises, members have to wear masks and are screened to check that they have not been exposed to the virus and that their temperature is within the allowed range to be attending the services. Last but not least, the members are sanitized and only allowed to sit at marked chairs to allow social distancing.

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