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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

Apostle General Jannie Ngwale, affectionately known as “Jannie”has an extraordinary impact on the day-to-day management of huge business resources and an ever large, expanding and demanding church. 

It has amazed many people as to how he combines business and ministry so effectively. This modern day intertwining of the Prophetic and Kingly office becomes a marvel. 

He is the most sought after Preacher, Speaker and Counselor and Coach. Many institutions including: Universities, Colleges and Correctional Service Facilities and Companies have asked him to deliver papers, impressions and thoughts in many disciplines that affects them. His practical messages on the pulpit  are being received both locally and across many nations of the world.

He is a Social Science Graduate from Rhodes University and has received many accolades and acknowledgements from many institutions. He serves in many boards where he personally holds significant equities. 

Apostle General is a “King Maker” in political circles and has personally handled a plethora of presidential campaigns in the African continent. He counsels many political leaders including some heads in the Middle East. 

He is a philanthropist par excellence, who, every year without fail, offers a large number of students scholarships to study at notable universities. He also extends a hand to destitute families in many communities. 

He is married to Reverend Faith Ngwale who holds two Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business Engineering. He is blessed with a daughter and a son, Siphiwe and Luvuno

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Rev. Mama Faith Ngwale

Reverend Faith Ngwale is a director of Conquerors Through Christ Ministries (CTCM), a growing church in South Africa with roots firmly steeped in the township. The church has a clear mandate to liberate people from economic, social, psychological, and spiritual challenges. She is the Director of Social Ministration within CTCM, responsible for the Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Married Couples and the Overtakers’ Generation (The Youth Ministry), also knows as “OTG”. 

Mama Faith, as she is affectionately known, holds a BA Social Science Degree from Fort Hare University, an MA Social Science from RAU,( currently known as the University of Johannesburg) amongst other accolades.

She believes in the adage that “you give a woman a loaf of bread, she will feed the community” and this is evident in the numerous women’s empowerment programmes that she runs. 

A self-starter and entrepreneur; she is the Director of Kuno Development, a Human Capital Consultancy, servicing clients in the private and public sector. She is the Chairman of CWIP, an investment holding company that aims at empowering women-owned businesses by pulling resources together and investing in strategic sectors.

A renowned speaker in her own right, Mama Faith is often invited to speak at local and international events. She is married to Apostle General Jannie Ngwale and they are blessed a daughter and a son, Siphiwe and Luvuno.

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