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Peace be still

Updated: May 6, 2020

Scripture reading : Mark 4:35-41 Let us cross over to the other side The book of Mark chapter four, tells us the story of Jesus and his disciples setting off on a journey by sea. Along the their jounery arose a great storm. The storm happened almost in a blink of an eye and it overwhelmed them to the point, they asked Jesus who was asleep in the boat, if he even cared that we're in trouble? In times when storms hit our lives, it’s human to feel like God has forgotten about us. Because we are feeling the pressure, anxiety and emotional turmoil caused by impact. However as children of God we need to learn that even while we obey God’s instructions, we will not be immune to the trials and tribulations that arise along the journey we have embarked upon. God promised us that no evil or weapon formed against us shall prosper Isaiah 54:17 So we need to realise that evil and weapons form constantly. But that it is our God that causes them NOT to prosper. Therefore, we need not fear! In the turbulent times of the COVID19 storm, trust in God as your tower of refuge and strength. By his power and grace, you shall cross over to the other side of this storm through Christ Jesus. As he commanded the rough stormy seas to have peace and be still. Beloved hold on to that instruction…Peace be Still !

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