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Breaking the Robes (Part 3)

Scripture Reading: Luke 19:29 - 34, Mark 11: 2 - 4.

Date: 06 June 2021

The use of the word "robes" which refers to a cloth, as opposed to using "ropes" which refers to a cord in this message was deliberate. This is used to highlight the identity crisis challenge we tend to have than the symbolism that comes with the word ropes referring to being restricted.

Beloved, it does not matter where you come from or what has happened in your past. You can do better and be greater! It is God's will for us to have the desires of our hearts. Anything contrary to this is a lie from the evil one.

Feeling discouraged and fearful from heavy robes around our minds that leave us bound and unable to progress in the various aspects of our lives.

Through prayer and self-audit, we can successfully go through the process of freeing our minds from the robes of bondage into robes of victory!

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