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Apostle General Jannie Ngwale - Arise and Worship the Lord

Scripture Reading: Job 1: 20; Job 3: 25

Date: 03 October 2021

This is that moment for you to rise. As you rise, do not boast or act boastfully. On the contrary, rise with an attitude of great humility. When Job fell to his knees it was not a sign of weakness. Instead, he went down on his knees in worship to the living God. Let worship be your posture, let worship outline the fabric of your day. You are the apple of God's eye, He brags about you. Amongst all the people of the world, He considers you as His most precious child. He speaks of your uniqueness and how you have carved a positioning for yourself. He postulates on your perfection and your upright stature. He elaborates on your stewardship and your fear for the Lord. Child of God, let this be your understanding: all the possessions that have been bestowed upon you have come from God. You have shown the propensity to acquire a plethora of assets, this is proof that you have the capacity to multiply. Your peers have seen that you are blessed. Your elevation has been witnessed by the multitudes and you continue to rise. The angels have delivered your package. A double portion has been given to you. As the Lord continues to bless you, be a blessing to someone.

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